About our league

Austin Roller Moms is a roller derby league created by moms for
moms.  It gives us a chance to get great exercise, meet other cool
moms, and relieve some pent-up frustration through friendly

We play by “mama rules”, which include no fighting, tripping,
pushing, or any other kind of dirty playing.  This won’t save you from some bruising, however, since we skate fast and block hard in roller derby, so you WILL fall down and feel the pain at some point. If this still sounds like fun to you, we hope you will join us on the roller derby track!

We do not hold try-outs, and any mom willing to purchase necessary equipment and attend practices is welcome to join. We provide training, inexpensive child care and insurance, plus lots of mamas who want to play hard just like you. We currently have 2 practices a week at Playland Skate and one at the Millenium Youth Recreational Center. We encourage members to attend 2 practices a week. Email us for practice times and locations on the contact us page.
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Austin Roller Moms