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Austin Roller Moms
Profile:   Proud Mama of Thing One and Thing Two.  
Those adorable, naughty boys certainly whipped her into shape for Derby. This Diva will spice up anything dished out. Give her thigh and she’ll give it a kick.

Astrological Sign:  Aries on the cusp of Taurus.  
You mess with the Ram, you get the horns!!

Vices:  Diet Pepsi. Reality TV that is made for teenage girls. People magazine. Hugs from my boys. Miami.  

Dislikes:  Resentment.  Anger.  Confrontation.  BO.  

What you wouldn’t guess about me:  I kick ass at interpretive dance. I have been known to beat some soccer players and angry Brits at leg wrestling. I was awarded “best hair” in my senior year superlatives – 1988!

Favorite Derby Move:  Skating backwards.

Injuries Sustained:  Multiple bruises.  Falling on
my head and face.  Track burn.

Award/Good Behavior:  Best Attitude