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Austin Roller Moms

Profile : Slay-at-Home was born in the Arizona desert in the middle of a scorching July summer.
She grew up wrestling rattlesnakes, walking barefoot through the cactus, and taming roadrunners and coyotes in her spare time. Sadly, she spent her formative years in a small town that didnít even have a roller rink, much less a Roller Derby team! She left that hot desert town at age 18 and never looked back. Now sheís living it up in Austin, TX, married to a derby-supporting husband (he better be!), raising a kid, and living the glamorous life of a Roller Derby girl (at least for few hours a week anyway!)

Number : 216

Position : : Iíll do anything!

Favorite Derby Move : Not falling

Hobbies : Reading, watching lame decorating shows, knitting and kicking ass on and off the track (well, on anyways).

Distinguishing Characteristics : Long legs, short hair, green eyes, and a quiet demeanor (you know what they say Ė watch out for the quiet ones!)

Likes : Skating (of course), clever TV shows, good books, good movies, good coffee, and beer (good or bad Ė I donít care!)

Dislikes : Weak handshakes, short men, whiny kids

Penalties : Pushing and grabbing!