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Austin Roller Moms
Profile: In April of 2006 a mild-mannered career
woman had the world’s fastest and most amazing
birth. Out of this experience she too was reborn: as
a strong, kick-ass mama who felt she could take on
the world. First stop: roller derby. Next stop: World

Astrological sign: Leo with an Aires rising—double
fire baby!

Hobbies: Nursin’ and subversin’

Distinguishing Characteristics: I may bake perfect
cookies but I can still burn up the track. You will
know me by the devilishly handsome boy-child
strapped to my hip, and the spunky girl-toddler at
my side. Look hard and you can see the smoke
pouring from my wheels as I blaze by you on the
track…You want milk with that?

Likes: green tea ice cream, bad reality tv, coffee,
honky-tonks and dive bars

Dislikes: people who don’t wave back at my kid,
drivers who don’t use their turn signals, cilantro

Injuries Sustained: track burn, swollen lip

Award/Good Behavior: Best Photo

Mama Kaze is proud to skate with her Domestic
Diva sisters—who all know that just because you’re
glamorous doesn’t mean you’re not dangerous….