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Austin Roller Moms

Position: Blocker

Hobbies: Pushing on people’s bruises.

Distinguishing Characteristics: My right elbow.

Likes: Making my competitors weep!

Dislikes: Stupid people.

Injuries Sustained: Mostly I give the
injuries…watch out Divas!

Award/Good Behavior: Most Driven

Profile: Diablo Madre first oozed out of the earth
and on to Texas soil fired up and ready to take on
not only the grueling banked track but also a
naughty world looking to be spanked back into
shape.  Only Beelzebub himself would have a
chance to hold his own in a battle with this devil
mother of two goblins.  She is always ready for her
next roller derby pray but be careful trying to get
past this blocker because you are sure to see stars.