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Austin Roller Moms

Astrological sign : : Leo-I wait for you, then I pounce!

Hobbies : Yoga, camping and hiking National Parks, reading and hanging out with my hubbie and baby.

Distinguishing Characteristics :Lucky-luck has been good to me, so watch out to my potential compeititors!

Likes : Compassion, hiking a glacier, camping for months on end, wildflowers, teaching children about the environment, home-grown tomatoes, funky folk music, making dirty looks at my husband, and red wine.

Dislikes : Mean-ness, all kinds.

Injuries Sustained: : Broken tail-bone

Award/Good Behavior : Antarctic Service Medal, 2000-2001 Ethel Tsutsui Award for Mentorship.

Bio : I am the Bipolar express because I have been lucky enough to apply field science at both the North Pole and the South Pole. Watch out! All aboard! Iíll give you a mean ride in Derby. Next stop, Lactation Station!